ego negativoDATE: October 9, 2016

TIME: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

LOCATION: Mercure Hotel Itacorubi – Rod. Admar Gonzaga 600 – Florianópolis (SC) – Brazil

In the teachings of Esoteric Astrology, there is an astrological process that underlies our initiatory path. This Astrological process is presented to us through the legends of Hercules (the archetypal Initiate) and we learn that from our very beginnings upon the path of initiation, we encounter the negative ego in its 9 guises or tests. Working with the magick of the legends of Hercules, deeper teachings on these 9 trials will be revealed and how these can be transmuted into more positive states within our lives.

In this class you will gain:

• A deeper understanding of these 9 trials and how they present themselves

• More intimate knowledge of these trials at work in your life

• Greater clarity in regards to the sphere of life in which the negative is dominant

• The necessary knowledge needed to transmute these negative permutations into a more balanced state

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