By Eric Thompson

Do you feel that something is holding you back from realizing your dreams?

Here are 4 possible reasons why this is happening to you:

1. Lack of Will – absence of a strong and ingenious will, a “why”.

Let me give you an example:

Imagine a 15-foot-long metal board on the floor and I say I’ll give you 100 dollars to cross from one place to another.

You would do? Yes.

Now I place the same board on top of two 10-story buildings.
Would you go through? Do not.

Because? It’s dangerous the height, you can fall. You are focused on obstacles.

Now if I say that on the other side is your 2-year-old son and the building is on fire. The flames are approaching him and if you do not cross he will die.

Now would you? Of course.

Because? It’s the same height, the same danger. The first time you answered no way.
The second time you would go without a doubt, regardless of the money.

The difference is WHY.

The reason you would. The reason why doing it was different.

If your “why” is not strong enough and motivating, any obstacle will stop you. You have to find your “why” in everything you want to accomplish! You have not even seen the obstacles.

If it is only for the money, to become rich, to be famous, that is not enough. If your why is stronger and more motivating than you, then you will rise above any challenge.

Define your why and you will have the willpower!

2. Fears – fear of responsibility, of losing one’s individuality, of impotence, of being a victim, of power, misuse of power, messing up your life, loneliness, feeling inadequate, being rejected, being on the wrong path, etc. . Even fear of success!

Fear is often not even real. It is just a thought that our ego creates to protect us from a potential danger. We are trained and programmed with repetition to ask poorly crafted questions.

We often talk: What if it does not work out? I’m not moving to a new job because it could be worse.

But we can ask ourselves:

What if it works out?

What if I change jobs and it’s better?

The mind will look for answers based on the questions we ask.

I do not believe in analyzing the whys of problem areas of the mind. It is often impossible to discover the real causes of negative patterns, and even if you did, their knowledge might not necessarily change them.


If today I’m afraid of the dark. Finding that I was locked in a dark closet when I was a child would not change the fact that I’m still afraid of the dark. I believe that if something is bothering you, just start from where you are and take the necessary steps to change that.

Start by asking yourself better questions:

What is the biggest meaning I can get out of this situation?

What lesson do you give me that I can learn here?

Here is a saying from Marianne Williamson that I like:

“Our greatest fear is not that we are incapable.

Our greatest fear is to discover that we are far more powerful than we think.

It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.

We live asking ourselves: who am I, who think myself so insignificant, to accept the challenge of being brilliant, seductive, talented, fabulous?

Actually, why not?

Seeking to be mediocre will not help the world or our children at all.

There is no merit in diminishing our talents, just so that others do not feel insecure on our side.

We are born to manifest the glory of God – who is in all, and not only in some elect. When we try to show this glory, we unconsciously give permission for our friends to manifest it as well.

The freer we are, the freer we become those around us.” Marianne Williamson

3. Excuses (Justifications, “yes, but”) convincing themselves not to do something.

In one way or another, when you analyze a situation, you lessen your experience.


a) You think, “It’s risky”: it’s a tendency to choose the safest way, these excuses are mental barriers that give you a way out. When it comes to trying something new, unfamiliar, or perhaps something that sets you on the path to being stronger and more independent – you make up an excuse and avoid risk.

b)It will be hard

c) It’s gonna take a while

d) I do not deserve

e) Is too expensive

f) Put your excuse here …………

We are born with an ego. His purpose was to protect us from potential dangers. A survival system to preserve this physical body.

In ancient times, when an ounce came, it warned us of danger and we could flee or fight. Only, over time, he was protecting us from all risks, physical and emotional, more and more.

Once you have been hurt by someone, after that event your negative ego gives you a warning when it interprets that a situation or similar person could possibly be a danger.

But once you’ve been hurt, it does not mean it always will. So we end up protecting ourselves from all situations, from our life, protecting us from possible opportunities…

Stay tuned so he will not sabotage your successes.

We are not here to survive, but to live!

4. Distractions – from external or internal sources.

The only way to deal with them is to get in touch with their purpose and ask yourself what your priorities are.

Reduce the distractions in your life.

Distractions have not led you to a life of meaning. They do not bring you what you are looking for.

We need to live a life with more meaning than “I’m working until I get to the weekend or take a vacation once a year, I’m going to enjoy it” or “I’m surviving.”

Not surprisingly, many people use drugs, alcohol, and television to distract themselves from the pain.

And yet it is not enough to be distracted and fulfilled. Because distraction will not bring joy. It will not bring you what you are looking for. Drugs and alcohol will not change your life for the better, for worse yes.

It hurt you and bring you pain. Anything that does not expand and allow you to share more love and joy with others in a natural way, which enriches your mind, body, emotions and spirit is probably something you do not need.

Human beings need to grow to feel alive. You are here for a purpose, there are no mistakes. We are here to “err,” or to learn. Do not do everything “right”. We have to eliminate distractions.

a) Take a look around you .. How many distractions are around you?

Is everything organized for you to be productive and achieve your goals?

Or is it full of traps demanding your attention?

b) How many hours a day are you on Facebook or watching TV?

Imagine only 30 min per day x 30 days = 15 hours of distractions or 2 full days of work.

c) Do you have any relationships that are not meaningful to you and only suck your energy?

Relationships you do not want to invest, nurture and delve deeper. Evaluate and see if you need to redefine the amount of time you spend with them.

d) Try to reduce the time you watch TV or surf the internet for no reason. An hour a day is 30 hours a month. It’s almost 4 whole days in the month that you could take a walk with the kids, your partner, friends, family, go to the theater, explore your city, trails … There is so much more that adds value and meaning to your life than distractions.

Of course we need to distract ourselves from time to time, just be aware, and make the necessary adjustment. It’s in your hands!

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