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9 Colors and Meanings

How to use them in your home Whether you want more energy for a bland room or calming the atmosphere of an agitated place, this guide will help you choose the color that suits you best.

What is Functional Nutrition?

By Lígia Molina In the last years, the term functional food has conquered the world. We know that a healthy and balanced diet can contribute to disease prevention. But how did this trend come about? World-wide research, for example, considers feeding the second factor of influence in the prevention of cancer. When favorable, a balanced diet is able to reduce the number of cases of the disease by 30% to 40%.

The Power of Meditation – Rescue your Inner Peace

By Carina Arnecke Think of Meditation as a way to rescue your inner peace and your balance, but know that this millennial technique can be much more than that. In the midst of the whirlwind of information to which we are subjected every day, social convulsions, political crises, problems at work, family …

Do and be the best you can, always!

By Jakzam Kaiser
Pele scored 1280 goals in his career.
This was at a time when there was no picture broadcast that exists today. So much so that there are no images of the famous “goal board” – only the description of how the bid was by who watched it.
Whatever you think. Especially when one notices that none of the great stars who have achieved stardom in the last decades – Maradona, Romario, Ronaldo, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo – came close to Pele’s results.
I followed the backstage of football as a journalist. Overall, the players struggled harder when someone came in to film or photograph them.
I think Pele, to reach 1280 goals, did his best ever, even when no one was watching.
He was doing his best because his goal was not goals, fame or money – he just did what he liked and was enjoying himself.
Doing your best gives you unimaginable freedom: if I do my best, how can anyone reproach me? How can I feel guilty or remorse if I give myself the best of myself? If the best was not enough, I have a clear conscience that I did everything within my power. And in this case, no one can charge me anything more.
The best, always!

We are all Gods

By Jakzam Kaiser
The recognition that we are divine beings – that we all have a divine spark – is an overwhelming experience.
Seeing ourselves as gods – or remembering who we really are – means recognizing that all around us are also gods – and that includes everything from pedophiles and suicide bombers to zombies in cracolândia.
It is disturbing to think that your authoritative boss and the beggar on the corner have the same divine essence as you.
No one is worth less than you.
No one is worth more than you.
At the end of the day, we will become one again and we will become the One Consciousness that will know everything because it has experienced, through each one of us, all that there was.
Each of us will know what others have done – all the feelings and emotions and feelings and sufferings and joys will be a single memory.
The expression “God is seeing” in this way acquires its real dimension and meaning: you will become this Divine and One Being and you will know the deepest secrets of all; and the rest shall know of theirs.
And when that happens, there will be no more judgment, nothing will have the importance that we think we have at this instant of our existence.
We will liberate ourselves from our limits, we will become a Creator God, and we will go out into the infinite – and beyond – creating new universes.
You are an eternal spiritual being. You’ve always been here. You watched creation.
Recognize how this eternal being who was never born, and therefore can not die, gives freedom and immense peace.

Follow the call, who’s going?

By Jakzam kaiser
A call is passionate and compulsive.
It starts with a curiosity and then it turns into a mandate that you simply can not change.
A calling is not an easy path, and that is why most people never know it, because it fears the effort, the idiocy, the risk and the unknown.
It requires commitment, detachment, time, energy and money.
Most people despise the call because they despise their own intuition, their emotions and sensitivities.
They deny, misunderstand, ridicule or simply ignore themselves.
To discover our purpose, we must be comfortable with our non-logical mind.
One must allow oneself to feel – deeply feel.
Intellectually planning your path to a purposeful life does not work.
But that’s what people want to do.
That is the reason most people live without ever knowing what their true purpose is.

Surrender and Stillness

By Jakzam Kaiser
What a special moment this we are living now.
It is uncomfortable, of course, to live with the feeling that reality is crumbling and the world is upside down.
But change only happens outside the comfort zone.
It is wonderful to witness this planetary change happening before our eyes. Feeling that we are on the eve of a transformation that will change reality as we know it – and we will have the privilege of witnessing the dawning of the new world that is coming.
If you are awake, you are aware that the shudder is just the shit being turned by the immense wave of Light that takes over the planet. You know that this confusion is provoked by the resistance of the old to the new, by the attempt to maintain the old standards that no longer serve to the Humanity.
The new paradigm is in the air, you can feel the new vibration.
If you feel restless, anxious, scared or even disgusted at everything that is happening, how about you stop resisting?
RENDER, simply.
Instead of contributing to the confusion, pointing out and judging others, further intoxicating the environment, how to get away from the shambles. SILENCIE!
Look for the inside Stillness. All the answers you seek and need are within you.
Meditate. Pray. Get in touch with nature. Connect with your Higher Self, with your divine essence, with yourself.
Throw a silent cry to the Collective Consciousness of the planet and connect with the new times.
The old world is rotten and dying in the middle of the street.
Let your Light shine and be a lantern to light the way – for yourself and for others.

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    4 Reasons You’re Not Manifesting the Life You’ve Always Dreamed

4 Reasons You’re Not Manifesting the Life You’ve Always Dreamed

By Eric Thompson
Do you feel that something is holding you back from realizing your dreams?
Here are 4 possible reasons why this is happening to you:
1. Lack of Will – absence of a strong and ingenious will, a “why”.
Let me give you an example:
Imagine a 15-foot-long metal board on the floor and I say I’ll give you 100 dollars to cross from one place to another.
You would do? Yes.
Now I place the same board on top of two 10-story buildings.
Would you go through? Do not.
Because? It’s dangerous the height, you can fall. You are focused on obstacles.
Now if I say that on the other side is your 2-year-old son and the building is on fire. The flames are approaching him and if you do not cross he will die.
Now would you? Of course.
Because? It’s the same height, the same danger. The first time you answered no way.
The second time you would go without a doubt, regardless of the money.
The difference is WHY.
The reason you would. The reason why doing it was different.
If your “why” is not strong enough and motivating, any obstacle will stop you. You have to find your “why” in everything you want to accomplish! You have not even seen the obstacles.
If it is only for the money, to become rich, to be famous, that is not enough. If your why is stronger and more motivating than you, then you will rise above any challenge.
Define your why and you will have the willpower!
2. Fears – fear of responsibility, of losing one’s individuality, of impotence, of being a victim, of power, misuse of power, messing up your life, loneliness, feeling inadequate, being rejected, being on the wrong path, etc. . Even fear of success!
Fear is […]

Meditation Stimulates Brain Activity

by Clarissa Baliu
Millenarian practice, meditation currently has thousands of fans, being considered an important resource for those who seek to reduce levels of stress and anxiety.
In order to understand if, in fact, meditation is capable of generating beneficial effects on the brain, contributing to mental balance, researchers around the world have promoted studies on the subject.
In an attempt to identify the changes in the brain caused by different meditation techniques – zen, acem, chakra, buddhist, transcendental, among others – scientists from the Universities of Norway, Oslo and Sydney divided these practices into two groups, the first being focused on focused attention, based on concentration on a specific external body or mental object, ignoring all irrelevant stimuli; and the second to open monitoring, which aims to widen the focus of attention to all the emotions and thoughts of the moment without focusing on any of them.
To compare the two groups, the study had the participation of 14 individuals with experience in both practices, evaluated by magnetic resonance imaging.
Based on the analysis of these images, it was possible to verify that, during the practice of open monitoring, there was an increase in brain activity in the region of the medial prefrontal cortex, responsible for inner thoughts about facts and feelings, commonly triggered in situations related to the future or affective relationships, while in focused attention the brains behaved as if they participated in a relaxing activity.
In addition to confirming that performance differs among meditative practices, study data showed that brain activity becomes stronger when people allow their minds to remain free, than when the brain is fully focused.

The Matrix of the Cannabis User

Jakzam Kaiser
When we talk about the Matrix, we refer to the reality – or to the system – that surrounds us. It involves our home and our routine, school, work, church, club, family, friends, boyfriends, colleagues, teachers, neighbors, what we like or do not like. The Matrix is ​​everything we perceive around us.
When we talk about getting out of the Matrix, we are talking about expanding our consciousness and perceiving other realities – or changing our state of consciousness beyond the Matrix. This means having access to dimensions that are inaccessible when we are in the “normal mode,” and for that we need to increase our vibration to align with the frequency of these other “layers of reality.”
It is common for marijuana smokers to say that they are in another vibe and feel out of the Matrix, or out of the system, in misalignment with the dominant status quo.
Is it really that?
How many times have you spent much of the day locked in the room smoking a joint without interacting with the family? Or maybe you have managed not to go to your grandparents or those uncles who live in a city where you can not smoke a cigar, why do you prefer to stay in your house, where you can smoke or go out with your friends? Or just walk around with your crew, where everyone smokes, and you stop meeting new people because they’re squares? Certainly you have experienced something like these.
When this happens, are you out of the Matrix? Or, instead, are you setting limits to a full and complete experience of the Matrix?
What happens, in general, is that cannabis user wear clothes referring to cannabis, listen to music, read books […]