By Jakzam Kaiser

Pele scored 1280 goals in his career.

This was at a time when there was no picture broadcast that exists today. So much so that there are no images of the famous “goal board” – only the description of how the bid was by who watched it.
Whatever you think. Especially when one notices that none of the great stars who have achieved stardom in the last decades – Maradona, Romario, Ronaldo, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo – came close to Pele’s results.

I followed the backstage of football as a journalist. Overall, the players struggled harder when someone came in to film or photograph them.

I think Pele, to reach 1280 goals, did his best ever, even when no one was watching.

He was doing his best because his goal was not goals, fame or money – he just did what he liked and was enjoying himself.

Doing your best gives you unimaginable freedom: if I do my best, how can anyone reproach me? How can I feel guilty or remorse if I give myself the best of myself? If the best was not enough, I have a clear conscience that I did everything within my power. And in this case, no one can charge me anything more.

The best, always!