By Eric Thompson

The way to approach God (Creator) is sometimes long, difficult and laborious.

We often think that being a good person is enough, that serving soup to the poor,

or doing charitable actions is enough for a strong spiritual connection.

However, the comfort zone does not keep us connected with the Light.

Kabbalah teaches us that we can only know God, the creator, or ourselves by self-knowledge,

by looking within ourselves, by our transformation into who we really are.

“We are progressing or we are regressing.”

Evolving or moving away from her.

An athlete who stops training, atrophy. He can not speak “now I will stop

training and maintain my training level or form.” He needs to keep growing and evolving.

Every transformation is outside our comfort zone. There is no growth inside the comfort zone.

We have to leave this comfort zone to discover our strengths and weaknesses.

It is not possible to remain the same and transform at the same time.

Our job is not to be a good person or spiritual being,

but to accomplish our mission or the “Great Work”.

And to accomplish this we have to look at the dark places with a flashlight and see what is

impeding our Light and accomplishment of our mission; not to ignore or

deny these weaknesses but to transform them. To do this we need to look inside.

And it hurts sometimes. It is easier to point the finger at others and not take responsibility.

But did not I come here to this Earth to be a good person and treat people like I want to be treated?

Of course this is important. We should do that. But for me to know myself, I need to grow and evolve.

For example, a person defending human rights performs many acts of kindness each day.

And she can even fulfill her daily goal. On the other hand a prisoner,

recently released from prison, begins to make small changes in his routine.

Every day he overcomes his weaknesses by turning them into strengths.

Which one is coming out of the comfort zone?

Kabbalists believe that we are here to learn from our “mistakes.”

There are no mistakes, there are learning. If we learn from experience,

we can make better choices next time and evolve. We have to be honest with ourselves.

Do not blame us for having “wrong” but rather to thank the experience we had and make a new choice.

Each time we evolve, the more we know each other and the more we know God.

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