By Jakzam Kaiser

What a special moment this we are living now.

It is uncomfortable, of course, to live with the feeling that reality is crumbling and the world is upside down.

But change only happens outside the comfort zone.

It is wonderful to witness this planetary change happening before our eyes. Feeling that we are on the eve of a transformation that will change reality as we know it – and we will have the privilege of witnessing the dawning of the new world that is coming.

If you are awake, you are aware that the shudder is just the shit being turned by the immense wave of Light that takes over the planet. You know that this confusion is provoked by the resistance of the old to the new, by the attempt to maintain the old standards that no longer serve to the Humanity.

The new paradigm is in the air, you can feel the new vibration.

If you feel restless, anxious, scared or even disgusted at everything that is happening, how about you stop resisting?

RENDER, simply.

Instead of contributing to the confusion, pointing out and judging others, further intoxicating the environment, how to get away from the shambles. SILENCIE!

Look for the inside Stillness. All the answers you seek and need are within you.

Meditate. Pray. Get in touch with nature. Connect with your Higher Self, with your divine essence, with yourself.

Throw a silent cry to the Collective Consciousness of the planet and connect with the new times.

The old world is rotten and dying in the middle of the street.

Let your Light shine and be a lantern to light the way – for yourself and for others.