by Jakzam Kaiser

It is impossible to be happy without accepting the simple and obvious truth that there is a creator in the universe.

While this acceptance does not happen, a piece is always missing to complete the puzzle.

Without this piece, life has no meaning.

And the lack of meaning generates emptiness of meaning, restlessness and dissatisfaction.

Nothing in the world is by chance.

Everything that existed, exists and will exist was created, first, in someone’s imagination.

The idea that the universe is the result of a casual combination is unsustainable.

Science claims that creation originated in the Big Bang.

It only makes sense that the creator was there before and teased him.

Simple like this: there is a creator of the universe, someone whose powers are incomprehensible and unattainable to us in our stage of evolution.

One of the secrets of happiness, perhaps the greatest of them, is to accept their existence and the impossibility of explaining it.

To accept that creation is such a beautiful, perfect and good work that it can only have been done by a beautiful, perfect and good creature.

And because it is inexplicable, it is a miracle.

The greatest sin of humans is to deny the creator’s existence.

By denying it, humans move away from all that is beautiful, good and perfect.

Wars, corruption, violence, hunger and misery are a creation of men in a state of disconnection with their creator.

The healing of the planet depends on human beings meeting with their creator, within themselves, each in his own way.

The world will be so much better the greater the number of people who surrender to this truth.