Jakzam Kaiser

When we talk about the Matrix, we refer to the reality – or to the system – that surrounds us. It involves our home and our routine, school, work, church, club, family, friends, boyfriends, colleagues, teachers, neighbors, what we like or do not like. The Matrix is ​​everything we perceive around us.

When we talk about getting out of the Matrix, we are talking about expanding our consciousness and perceiving other realities – or changing our state of consciousness beyond the Matrix. This means having access to dimensions that are inaccessible when we are in the “normal mode,” and for that we need to increase our vibration to align with the frequency of these other “layers of reality.”

It is common for marijuana smokers to say that they are in another vibe and feel out of the Matrix, or out of the system, in misalignment with the dominant status quo.

Is it really that?

How many times have you spent much of the day locked in the room smoking a joint without interacting with the family? Or maybe you have managed not to go to your grandparents or those uncles who live in a city where you can not smoke a cigar, why do you prefer to stay in your house, where you can smoke or go out with your friends? Or just walk around with your crew, where everyone smokes, and you stop meeting new people because they’re squares? Certainly you have experienced something like these.

When this happens, are you out of the Matrix? Or, instead, are you setting limits to a full and complete experience of the Matrix?

What happens, in general, is that cannabis user wear clothes referring to cannabis, listen to music, read books and articles, visit websites and watch marijuana videos – and walk, talk, and interact with other pot smokers. The result of this is the creation of a kind of alternative reality, a culture bubble and cannabis fashion, a Matrix within the Matrix: The Matrix of the Cannabis User!

In the cannabis user Matrix, you have the feeling that you are out of the Matrix. But you remain totally within the system. And it has its limited experience, in a way that prevents it from raising its vibration to actually transcend the Matrix.

Does that make sense to you?

* I created this page in July 2014 to contribute to the marijuana legalization campaign. At the same time, I had contact with the Modern School of Mysteries and got involved with spiritual practices that showed me the way out of the Matrix. The energetic change I experienced made me stop smoking marijuana and lose interest in the subject. I wrote a post about it about two years ago – it’s at the top of the Timeline. This personal transformation was so powerful and meaningful that I became a school guide. If you are interested in this magical path of love, joy and Light, I am at your disposal.