By Carina Arnecke

Think of Meditation as a way to rescue your inner peace and
your balance, but know that this millennial technique can be much more than that.

In the midst of the whirlwind of information to which we are subjected every day,
social convulsions, political crises, problems at work, family …

Our mind absorbs this chaotic energy and we end up being infected
by this vibration that takes us from our axis.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2015 we had
300 million people living with depression in the world,
and currently the disease is the main cause of physical disability
between the population.

We get stressed, we feel tired, powerless and sometimes even lose faith …
We forget to pay attention to the beautiful things of our life,
in the small joys of daily life and our own virtues, which are many!

Know that there is a very simple way to solve all this: Meditation!

The National Institute of Meditation offers several studies of
scientific character by addressing the benefits of Meditation in the
areas related to human health.

There are a multitude of techniques used worldwide,
from the most classic remnants of Eastern practices, to the
more modern meditations such as MindFulness.

But regardless of the type of Meditation, its benefits are proven
scientifically and its results are impressive, especially in
diagnosis of stress, depression, anxiety, panic syndrome, among others.

However, Meditation has in itself a decisive and fundamental aspect
for a full life, the spiritual bond.

You need to reconnect your spirit with your body and mind so that you
see the light within you and see life with other eyes, the eyes of the soul.

This is the true power of Meditation!

The practice of Meditation favors this connection, it is an exercise that can change
his life, because it makes us wake up to what exists beyond our material life.

It is a technique capable of passing between the physical and spiritual world, including interconnecting these two planes, awakening our perception and intuition.

Through Meditation we can rescue our inner strength, cultivate feelings of love, serenity, healing and so many others that are capable of empowering us and reestablishing the
our flow of energy, our mental integrity and physical health.

But do you think meditation is not for you ?!

It’s hard for you to concentrate, can not you sit quietly for so long, your back and legs hurt ?!

Calm down, do not push yourself so hard!

We can not idealize practice, you do not need to meditate as Buddha!

It’s a lot less complicated than you think and you can use the power of Meditation to improve your life without sacrifices or bother.

Think of Meditation as a time of surrender, of feeling peace in the heart, of calming the mind and relaxing your body.

You do not necessarily have to go levitating around or transcend your body and mind.

Meditation is simple and loving. It is a loving contact with your essence, from the inside out, that reconnects you with your own light and with all power stored within you.

So get ready to awaken that power, you deserve it!

Choose your favorite technique or just start by organizing your environment by turning off
the appliances, and if you like, light a candle and incense with a mild aroma.

Put on a quiet song, sit with your spine erect comfortably on the floor or in a chair and close your eyes …

Inhale deeply and exhale with desire, discharging the full “weight” of your body and your mind through the breath. Make this move as many times as necessary.

Feel your heart, connect with the vibration of your heart beat and feel
The life pulsing in you.
Pay attention to your thoughts, watch them, try to identify your patterns
and then, just let them go …

Feel the sensations of peace, tranquility and harmony flowing in your body and in your mind …

This can take 10 minutes, 15 minutes, half an hour, an hour or more.
Stay as long as you deem it necessary, start slowly and go on gradually.

Do not impose time on yourself, turn that moment into something pleasurable,
one moment only yours. It will be something sacred, a refuge, a renewal of
and believe me, it can change your life.

Make a try, allow yourself, surrender!

Through the practice of Meditation you will awaken the power and divine energy
that exists within you.

The universe is energy, nature is energy, we are energy.

And this energy needs to flow freely through our body and be in harmony
with our physical world, so that we can live our life with abundance
and enjoy each moment with joy, health, peace and love. So, Meditate !

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