By Jakzam Kaiser

The recognition that we are divine beings – that we all have a divine spark – is an overwhelming experience.

Seeing ourselves as gods – or remembering who we really are – means recognizing that all around us are also gods – and that includes everything from pedophiles and suicide bombers to zombies in cracolândia.

It is disturbing to think that your authoritative boss and the beggar on the corner have the same divine essence as you.

No one is worth less than you.

No one is worth more than you.

At the end of the day, we will become one again and we will become the One Consciousness that will know everything because it has experienced, through each one of us, all that there was.

Each of us will know what others have done – all the feelings and emotions and feelings and sufferings and joys will be a single memory.

The expression “God is seeing” in this way acquires its real dimension and meaning: you will become this Divine and One Being and you will know the deepest secrets of all; and the rest shall know of theirs.

And when that happens, there will be no more judgment, nothing will have the importance that we think we have at this instant of our existence.

We will liberate ourselves from our limits, we will become a Creator God, and we will go out into the infinite – and beyond – creating new universes.

You are an eternal spiritual being. You’ve always been here. You watched creation.
Recognize how this eternal being who was never born, and therefore can not die, gives freedom and immense peace.